Innovation Strategy

Traditional Market Research

In our experience, most pre-made, licensed market research reports do not provide a favorable ROI. Created to appeal to a wide audience, they offer coverage that is a mile wide and an inch deep. They provide surface-level background information and grandiose market estimates but provide few technical details and little to no analysis. These reports, which are often generated by individuals without technical backgrounds, frequently contain outdated or misleading information that reflects a lack of true understanding of market dynamics and technological developments.

RIHOF Innovation Strategy

Our custom-made Innovation Strategy reports provide in-depth analysis of targeted areas of interest. Using our technical knowledge and industry experience, we compile information from multiple sources such as patent filings, FDA submissions, and scientific literature, to conduct a comprehensive assessment and generate actionable insights. Our research process is both collaborative and iterative: periodic check-ins allow for a review of current findings and a chance to refine the scope of the analysis. At the end of the research project you’ll be provided with a customized and detailed report that contains all the information you want and need to make informed, strategic business decisions.

A RIHOF Innovation Strategy report will include, but not be limited to, the following sections:

Landscape Overview – big picture view highlighting clinical indications and prevalence, economic impact, evolution of design, and key product attributes

Corporate Portfolio Analysis – review of all major and emerging market player’s product lines, IP holdings, recent activities, and potential future developments

Scientific Literature Review – summary of relevant research including performance metrics, needs assessment, and insights from key opinion leaders

Sustainability Strategies – identification of the strategies top market players are employing to adjust to an evolving market and continue meeting user needs