Is tip apex distance as important as we think? A biomechanical study examining optimal lag screw placement

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Publication: Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research Date: August 2014 Authors: Kane P, Vopat B, Heard W, Thakur N, Paller D, Koruprolu S, Born C. Link to Full Text Abstract BACKGROUND: Intertrochanteric hip fractures pose a significant challenge for the orthopaedic community as optimal surgical treatment continues to be debated. Currently, varus collapse with lag screw cutout is [...]

Biomechanical comparison of parallel vs. 90 – 90 plating of bicolumn distal humerus fractures with intra-articular comminution

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Publication: Journal of Hand Surgery Date: December 2012 Authors: Got C, Shuck J, Biercevicz A, Paller D, Mulcahey M, Zimmermann M, Blaine T, Green A Link to Full Text Abstract PURPOSE: To compare the biomechanical properties of 90-90 versus mediolateral parallel plating of C-3 bicolumn distal humerus fractures. METHODS: We created intra-articular AO/Orthopaedic Trauma Association [...]

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