RIH Orthopaedic Foundation Test Facility

The RIH Orthopaedic Foundation Test Facility works in close conjunction with the Bioengineering Laboratory at Brown Medical School. Created in 1998, this facility provides a resource for the Department of Orthopaedics and for private industry. The backbone of our laboratory is our QA program and our primary services include the testing of orthopaedic products, sports protective equipment for commercial clients and the coordination of bioskills / sales labs.

Who We Are

BioSkills Suite

The BioSkills suite located within our lab can accommodate large surgeon education and sales training labs with two fluoroscopes, two necropsy tables, and four complete arthroscopic stations

Biomechanical Testing

We have assisted more than 100 companies with their FDA submittals on over 500 medical devices and have worked with R&D departments designing specialized, non-standard test designs.

Orthopaedic Test Facility

RIHOF was founded 20 years ago in 1998 by University Orthopedics as RIH Orthopedic Foundation. This facility focused on training orthopedic residents from Brown University as well as the medical device industry by providing access to research personnel and equipment. Over the years, the mission of the non-profit foundation has evolved to include testing of new innovative orthopedic products, sports protective equipment for commercial clients, and the coordination of bio skills laboratories.

RIHOF acts a resource for those in the business of medical innovation. We help private industry with the evaluation and improvement of innovative medical products designed to improve the quality of healthcare. This includes helping companies meet the stringent testing requirements necessary for FDA submittals and approvals, along with meeting the regulatory requirements of European Union and other international regulatory bodies.

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