BioSkills Lab

The bioskills suite located within our lab provides a convenient, cost-effective, and confidential setting for cadaveric evaluations. With room to accommodate up to 20 attendees, our lab can meet the needs of groups of all sizes one-on-one surgical instruction to large group product training labs. Our lab is open to all from small, start-up ventures to large, blue chip manufacturers.

Our staff is available to assist you at every step including scheduling, procurement, preparation, disposition of specimens, and acquisition of specialty.

BioSkills Lab

Lab Features
  • Three necropsy tables and four arthroscopic stations

  • Ceiling mounted surgical lights

  • Tissue removal, ablation, and cautery systems

  • General surgical instrumentation

  • Specialty surgical instrumentation including: power drills, saws and high-speed burrs

  • Fluoroscopy C-Arms with digital picture/video capture

  • Digital camcorder with remote wireless microphone

  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)

  • Steam autoclave for on-site sterilization

  • Wi-Fi access

  • Private conference room with A/V equipment

  • Full service catering

Design Verification

With the blueprints drawn up and a prototype manufactured, it’s time see if your current device design meets your initial specifications. A full-service cadaver lab at our facility can provide you the real-time feedback necessary to assess your device’s function and identify areas for improvement.

Design Validation

Since medical professionals will be the users of the devices you manufacture, it’s important to get feedback from actual medical professionals throughout the product development process. With access to a versatile and experienced group of surgeons, we can help you ensure that your device meets user needs and intended uses.

Due Diligence

Before making a big investment or acquisition, it’s important that you first have all the facts. With our facilities and expertise, we can help you perform a comprehensive evaluation of all products and technologies in question. This allows your team to accurately assess all assets and liabilities and ultimately make an informed decision about the potential business action.

Surgeon Education

Whether you are a veteran surgeon investigating a new technique or a surgical resident looking to hone your general skills, our lab has you covered. With a wide array of surgical tools and instruments on site, and the ability to order biologic or synthetic models for any part of the body, our bioskills lab provides an ideal setting for surgical training at all levels.

Clinical Trial Training

As a principal investigator, you want to ensure that all surgeons assisting with your clinical trial are fully prepared. Using our large, multi-stationed bioskills lab, you can conduct a collaborative training session to ensure your team is proficient in the necessary surgical techniques and consistent with standard operating procedures.

Sales Training Procedures

After years of researching, developing, and fine-tuning, you are finally ready to share your product with the world. We’re here to help ensure a successful product launch by providing you the opportunity to conduct a comprehensive and interactive training session with your marketing team. With a session of hands-on training under their belt, you can rest assured that your sales staff has the knowledge and experience to effectively and confidently market your products.