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Biomechanical testing and medical device compliance testing

Our facility has assisted more than 100 companies with their FDA submissions on over 500 medical devices.  We collaborate with both regulatory and research and development departments with the end goal of designing and executing specialized, non-standard test systems that evaluate medical devices of various origin. With numerous mechanical testing frames, a wide range of load and torque cells, various diagnostic imaging capacity and three dimensional motion tracking systems, we are equipped to fulfill your biomechanical testing needs.

Typical medical device testing projects:

  • Cranium (maxillofacial screws and anchors, fixation plates, dura-protecting burrs)
  • Spine (fusion plate and rod constructs, pedicle screws, interbody fusion devices, vertebral replacement, artificial intervertebral discs, nucleus replacement device, minimally invasive retractors, discectomy instruments, annular closures)
  • Shoulder (humeral/glenoid replacement, suture anchors, arthroscopy instruments)
  • Hand/Wrist (bone screws and anchors, trauma pins)
  • Hip (THR, intramedullary canal plugs, hemiarthroplasty devices)
  • Knee (graft fixation devices, meniscal repair devices, arthroscopy instruments, hemiarthroplasty devices)
  • Foot/Ankle (TAR, suture anchors, hallux hemiarthroplasty devices)
  • Trauma (fixation plates, intramedullary devices, fixed and variable angle fixation methods)
  • Non-orthopaedic Medical Devices (blood filters, bladder slings, laproscopic pumps, tracheal tubes, urological RF ablation equipment, hearing aids, heart valve augmentation, bone stimulator testing)


Medical Consulting


Failure & Regulatory Analysis


3rd Party Device Analysis

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The bioskills suite located within our lab can accommodate large surgeon education and sales training labs with two fluoroscopes, two necropsy tables, and four complete arthroscopic stations.


We have assisted more than 100 companies with their FDA submittals on over 500 medical devices and have worked with R&D departments designing specialized, non-standard test designs.


We assist companies with complete planning of their test programs so that all FDA, EU Medical Device Directive, and other regulatory requirements will be addressed.

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