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Company Sponsored Research

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We assist companies by performing basic research or product-based research. Assistance can be at any level: defining the research protocol, providing the laboratory and equipment for testing, data acquisition and reduction, statistical analysis, and manuscript preparation. Publications can take the form of an internal white sheet, a conference abstract, or a manuscript appropriate for publication in a peer-reviewed journal.

We have assisted in the following pub med indexed peer reviewed published research projects:

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Medical Consulting


Failure & Regulatory Analysis


3rd Party Device Analysis

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The bioskills suite located within our lab can accommodate large surgeon education and sales training labs with two fluoroscopes, two necropsy tables, and four complete arthroscopic stations.


We have assisted more than 100 companies with their FDA submittals on over 500 medical devices and have worked with R&D departments designing specialized, non-standard test designs.


We assist companies with complete planning of their test programs so that all FDA, EU Medical Device Directive, and other regulatory requirements will be addressed.

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